JEMM Scoring is an application for CrossFit affiliates to use to easily score competitions. The application is user friendly and completely self-service. You have the ability to enter the WOD's, participants, heats and scores from your phone or computer.

Want the basic run down?
1. Select your package
2. Create an account
3. Setup your event
4. Create your URL
5. Pay via PayPal
6. Run a seamless event

We understand the undertaking involved with planning a kick ass competition. Don't waste time stressing out about creating your own Excel spreadsheet with crazy formulas. That's silly. And don't worry about breaking the bank. We keep the price affordable so you can keep the athletes coming year after year. This was created by CrossFitters for CrossFitters.

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JEMM Scoring was developed by CrossFitters after seeing a need for an affordable scoring application for competitions in the CrossFit world. When you are planning a competition, the last thing on your mind is developing an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the athletes, heat times, divisions, WOD's and scores. What sets JEMM Scoring apart is the self-service interface that allows you to enter all the information in one place. We'll take care of formatting and formulas. Once competition day hits, you just need to have someone in charge of inputting the scores in for each team or individual. After successfully hosting scores for several competitions, JEMM Scoring is now the go to application for several Affiliates. Let us know if you'd like a list of references!